the tastes of karst

Shopping and good food are a perfect match in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

After visiting Trieste and its castles, we recommend you to discover the tastes of this wonderful land, by visiting the typical Osmize, kind of inns marked by bushes hanging along the road..

Going for typical food products and cheap wine to discover the local gastronomy

In Trieste and all over the Carso territory "tour the farms" means go looking for Osmize.

The Osmize are private homes scattered throughout the province of Trieste, where you can taste the typical products oft he region: cold cuts, cheeses and local wines such as the Terrano DOC, a red wine which is produced only in the Carso, the Vitovska DOC, which is considered the most important white wine of the Carso, and the Malvasia DOC, which is made from grapes of Istrian Malvasia and it is a perfect combination with fish and shellfish.

If you want to fully enjoy the traditions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, you have to stop in an Osmiza, where you will enjoy both the wine and the cheerfulness of the local farmers who often start singing traditional songs in the Triestine dialect.

If you decide to stop there, we suggest you to check the opening hours before, because they are rather variable. Check on this web site. to see which are the Osmize open.