grado sand baths

"I arrive in Grado through a thin line of land that the blinding light of the summer sun melts with the crystalline green of the lagoon and it is like crossing the barrier separating reality from dreams ..." Quoting Elisa Ius.

After visiting the wonderful Gorizia, you can stretch till the island of Grado, also called the Island of the Sun for its fine sand and its advantageous location. In fact, Grado is the only place of all the Adriatic Sea to have its beaches entirely south facing, so that you can enjoy the summer sun constantly.

After a nice walk in the old town, if you want to relax a bit, you can reach the Terme Marine, which are located on the main beach. They are surrounded by trees, only a few steps from the sea, and they offer, all year long, pools of sea water, sand baths and advanced beauty treatments.

The famous "sand baths" were born right here in Grado in ancient times: we can find them already in Greek and Roman times in the writings of Pliny the Younger, Galen, Caelius Aurelianus, Hippocrates and Herodotus. This practice was performed in the antiquity in the same way as it is today.

In Italy, you can use only a few marine sands, for therapeutic purposes, for the sand baths.

In fact, the sand must have a specific chemical and physical composition to allow a proper heat transfer and a proper heating, so that you can reach a temperature of 50-60 Celsius degrees, which is the suitable one for the completion of this treatment. Furthermore, the solar radiation and the South exposure of the beach should be optimal in order to perform this natural treatment that is still the dry thermotherapy or, indeed, the sand baths.

That’s why the sand of Grado is so famous all over the world and it has "healed" famous sportsmen internationally renowned suffering from post-traumatic outcomes (fractures, sprains, etc ...) or from degenerative osteoarticular diseases.