About 16 km from the city of Udine, there is a bridge that has become the symbol of the city where it is located, Cividale del Friuli.

The Puìnt dal Diàul ( the Devil's Bridge) was built in stone in 1442, and it rests on a natural rock located in the bed of the river Natisone, along which you can admire a spectacular gorge.

According to the Devil's Bridge legend, the citizens of Cividale wanted to build a bridge in order to cross the river Natisone, but they didn‘t know how to do it. Therefore, they made a pact with the devil: he would have built the bridge in one night in exchange of the soul of the first person passing through. As agreed, at dawn the city of Cividale found a beautiful stone bridge connecting the two banks oft he river: on one side there was the devil, waiting, on the other one the inhabitants of Cividale. The devil was waiting impatiently for his reward, but nobody could resolve to cross the bridge. Suddenly the devil, who could not perceive what was going on at the other side of the bridge, saw a black cat speeding towards him. The citizens had sent the animal to the devil, and mocked him.

The legend was also reworked by the Irish writer James Joyce, who decided to place it in France and to give a rather kindly picture of the devil (so that, in his story, the devil decides to take care of the poor kitten lovingly.)